My name is Tommy Feldman and I am a passionate and talented artist with a love for all things visual.
I have been captivated by design all my life and the power of art to communicate ideas, evoke emotions, and inspire change. My goal is to always create eye-catching and thoughtful designs that leave a lasting impression. 
In my portfolio, you will find a diverse range of projects that showcase my versatility as a graphic artist. Bold and vibrant, minimalist and clean, or whimsical and playful - my designs span various styles and industries. In my career as a creative professional, I am constantly experimenting with new techniques and staying current in the industry to deliver fresh and forward-thinking concepts.
Part of the fun and joy as a creative artist is collaborating with all types of people and projects to bring ideas to life.  Whether it's branding, print, illustration, or digital media, I believe that every piece of art should tell a story in a smart, concise and effective manner.
So welcome to my portfolio! Please look around, enjoy my work and thank you for taking the time to stop by and see how I can help with whatever your project needs might be. And above all, have a fantastic day!